Cacti graphs stopped updating

Time to brush up on my javascript skills and see what else is going on.

Hmm, yeah I haven't actually had the courage to go back and check this yet.

When I'm shot over to the graphs I do get a "1 to 50 of 91" graphs, but I hit the "next" button and I'm presented with "All 50 graphs".

If you goto the Graph Permissions, please copy and paste what you see there.Currently working through updated steps on Ubuntu 16.04LTS. Hint, you will need php5.6, not php7.0, as it seems Cacti is broken on php7.0 How to install Cacti on Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Wheezy if you are unsure of your Raspberry Pi’s IP address Log in the with a username/password of admin.There is a bug I keep running into with the list mode function.I select 91 or so graphs for a device, but after viewing the graphs I am limited to only seeing 50 graphs.

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